About Us

Ecological and innovative solutions for space management

Ecospace was founded by entrepreneurs from the Veneto region who set out to realize the many technological solutions aimed at overcoming the chronic lack of parking in urban centers and the creation of ecological islands for the collection of urban waste.

Ecospace has always been distinguished by its ability to design, build and deliver not plants, but solutions.

The cornerstones that uphold the Ecospace philosophy and ensure the success of any of its achievements are based on constant research into materials and application technologies, which, combined with a meticulous passion for detail and efficient collaboration between the various sectors, allow a work to be defined in the fastest timeframe.


The best techniques and high-tech solutions.

Our main mission is to reach and satisfy a demanding clientele that is not satisfied with simply solving the space problem but demands quality from the innovative technology designed for that solution.
Therefore, it lies in the diversification of space management systems that is the main virtue that sets us apart in the market. The pushed customization of each project is Ecospace’s main competitive advantage.


Safety and excellent aesthetics come together in every Ecospace signature achievement.

Passion, flexibility, and dynamism distinguish Ecospace and are the cornerstones of a company that thus becomes able to concretize special projects on the Client’s commission and at the same time to concentrate its experience for the realization of contract work for other firms.

The materials used and the technology applied make it possible to create systems that guarantee solidity, safety and ease of assembly, elements that over time translate into simplicity and ease of maintenance.

Europe-wide network of partners and dealers

Ecospace has always been a company that has been ahead of its time, adopted and developed the best techniques and high-tech solutions.

What makes Ecospace truly unique, however, is the Europe-wide network of partners and dealers which, combined with proven management procedures, technical expertise and readiness, in addition to simple delivery enables the provision of support, consulting and training services throughout the EU and to clients of all sizes.

We firmly believe that today, more than ever before, a company must mandatorily partner with the customer in an all-encompassing collaborative approach.

Our many important Clients testify to our continuity and ongoing commitment to them. In fact, the traditional and rigid Customer-Supplier relationship is now outdated.

Achieving the goals necessarily requires renovation, improved production processes, correct cost containment; only then can both be won.