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Car lift

Car lift

The car lifts parking systems are available in various types.

Ecospace is a company specialized in the design and construction of special car lifting systems to create parking lots. That of car parks is in fact a serious problem affecting both large cities as small urban centers. Car parks decrease with increasing of cars on the road and this creates discomfort, increased traffic, stress and increased air pollution. Create multi-storey underground car parks or parking raised involves huge benefits for all.Here comes in the professionalism of Ecospace create platform lifts car. Ecospace is a company that was founded to create solutions as well as plants. Aware that each customer has different needs team Ecospace conceived and designed several solutions of platform cars. The models are so many, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities.

The models of car lifts are designed and made many and all bear a name that evokes the grandeur of the universe: Jupiter, Newton, Saturn, Sirius, Uranus, Venus, Mars, Comet, Pluto, and Neptune orbit. The bridge rises Saturn car for example is a brilliant system lifting cars vertical sliding on four columns, perfect service because vibration free, Jupiter instead is a system to lift car that allows you to overcome the difference in height between two floors finished at about 6m Venus is a bridge that allows cars to overcome significant differences in height and can also be arranged for intermediate stops of the plan.

These are just some of the many features that the various platform lifts cars produced by Ecospace. Each bridge raises car can be customized according to different customer needs, because nothing is impossible for Ecospace. The car lifts as well as in parking lots are often required for private homes for both indoor and outdoor use (such as in the garden) and also for campers. High demand for condominiums are also montauto these both for indoor and outdoor use.
The professionalism, competence and experience are the elements that make it a unique company Ecospace and reliable, able to produce platform lifts car using the best technological innovations, know that to be competitive you need to be constantly updated and constantly improve.