Car lift residence London

Car lifter with man-overboard version for major London residence

This is a Venus model car lift with two parallel columns and a person on board.

The characteristics of the plant are :

  • Pit reduced to 25 cm;
  • Load cell for continuous monitoring of chain tension;
  • On-board person kit;
  • Plan indication display;
  • Very low-noise power plant with oil-bath motor;
  • Remote control of the plant via dedicated ADSL line. This makes it possible to check from any terminal and at any time the operating status of the lifter.

The Venus model car lift, makes it possible to overcome even considerable height differences; it can also be arranged for intermediate floor stops.

The car lift system consists of two support columns and hydraulic cylinders for up and down movement.

The car hoist is arranged to connect gates and/or safeties placed both on the different levels and on the platform of the hoist.