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Bins retractable

The collected waste is a nightmare for many cities, both from the aesthetic point of view and for the management. That’s why Ecospace offers underground bins can ensure maximum efficiency and to preserve the natural beauty of the villages. The systems of collection of waste under the ground allow to take advantage of the wider bins and to minimize the overall dimensions of the floor. The separate collection systems for waste, designed by Ecospace, although hidden, can be lifted and moved easily for maintenance work or other necessities.

Of course the operation is made possible only to insiders and the technology used ensures maximum security thanks to the necessity of the use of proper tools and appropriate systems of ascent and descent. Among the proposed solutions for the collected waste buried Ecofir is the flagship of the offer of Ecospace.
This sophisticated and innovative underground system for the collection of waste provides high efficiency and ease of use. On the surface there are only small containers used as input for the bins high capacity underground. Operators will be able to empty the bins ecological simply using the special remote controls for the rise of the waste. The realizations of systems for the collection of waste buried requires a minimum of masonry, which thanks to the innovative system Ecospace is achievable in a short time and minimizing the necessary expenses.

This allows to provide in a short time their city of an efficient system for the collection of waste, that would maintain the clean streets and not to introduce elements not aesthetic and which can degrade the natural architectural beauty of the city or the historical centers. The roads will be free from clutter and used for walking citizens, there will be no unsightly bins scattered in the streets and waste management will be simple and safe by systems for waste collection designed and conceived by ecospace.

Experienced professionals are in full support of customers and government together to identify the most appropriate solution to the territorial and demographic characteristics of the place where you want to install collection systems underground. Finally, the quality materials used ensure a long service life and minimize the required activities for both routine maintenance and for the extraordinary, so as to significantly reduce the costs of operation of equipment for waste collection.

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