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Hoists retractable

Discover insights on freight elevators retractable signed Ecospace

Ecospace comes with trying to find a concrete solution to the problem of insufficient and effective parking areas, affecting mainly the metropolitan areas and overpopulated.

The use of a retractable-lifting is a useful and practical way to counter the lack of space, proposing a conception of the parking lot different than you are used to thinking. Thanks to a system of lifting the loads in fact, the cars can be raised off the ground and positioned on one or more levels.
The procedures of loading and transfer of cars are made naturally in total safety, thanks to an accurate and timely maintenance of the platforms used for lifting.

The use of hoists retractable inevitably leads to a new way of parking. The traditional way to park gives way as a more advanced and innovative positioning of cars, such as the vertical parking, parking and rotating the circular. All these parking arrangements are united by the use of platform lifts for goods. Without the effective contribution of the lifting platforms and elevators retractable, this type of practical and functional solution for parking in cities would not be possible. Thanks to the passion demonstrated by Ecospace in research and development of high quality materials and new technologies, the realization of automatic parking systems with hoists lift has become an important reality, especially in large urban centers.

The platform lifts goodsmove following a mono or biderezionale, bringing cars to the desired position. The movement is made possible by the fact that the lifting platforms are equipped with a motor that takes care of the translation.
Through a combined travel and lift loads, the car that is made on the lay-lifting can be easily parked on the desired level, including the underground or above ground. The various stages of the displacement of the load are carefully managed and controlled by a software system that guarantees the observance of all the basic safety standards. The entire system of hoists with lift ensures safety even in successive stages placement real car. A system of user recognition, high-tech as well as custom, makes it possible to the owner of every car parked to leave the car in the plant in peace.

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Ecospace is a company specialized in the design and construction of special car lifting systems to create parking lots. That...

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