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Hoists lift

Raise goods and heavy loads is an action to be performed with the help of particular means, adapted to move and elevate weights of each type. The most known and easy to assemble is the Load-lifting, designed specifically for the transport of goods between floors and levels.

In carrying out commercial activities such as supermarkets, factories, restaurants, it’s easy to think there is a need for lifting loads and the elevator is the means used mainly for its effectiveness and simple maintenance. The hoists can also be of different capacities and are extremely useful for the loading and unloading of goods and materials of all kinds. According to the requirements, there are specialized companies able to produce even hoists retractable, which can be realized with cabin and hat transfer. Made in this way the elevator becomes “concealed in soil”, and the cabin is lowered until it reaches the lower floors and becoming walkable surface without any problem.

To connect instead planes located at different heights, the ideal solution is given by lifting platforms, usually used as a suitable means of manually loads of various types, always taking into account the European directives and respecting the criteria of protection during handling. Flexible, efficient, safe and productive, lifting platforms are easy to install and are also transportable: Ecospace has specialized staff who takes care of maintenance and also ensures transport assistance if necessary. The platform lifts goods are used as a lift system and are a viable alternative to cranes and hoists.

The Ecospace is a company that guarantees absolute professionalism and is always available to offer customers a highly competitive and far superior to many similar that there are on the market. The constancy of diligent work and quality make Ecospace a leading elevator and any lifting platform, which follows the client from the planning stage to the operational, with ongoing support and time to meet customer demands. Rigorous in complying with the European regulations, Ecospace ensures maximum safety in products made, and at the same time try to stick to the prices below the market, to be competitive not only in the delivery of the material but also in prices.
Extreme attention therefore to a great value for money, which makes the various types of lifting equipment Ecospace special products!

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