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Mechanized parking

Discover the parking mechanized signed Ecospace

Design, build and install automatic parking systems in synergy with the demands of customers is the philosophy that for years Ecospace soul.
The dialogue between the company and the customer is key to achieving ambitious results and in line with new technological applications. Inspired by the passion, the expertise and the continuous updating and improvement of production processes, the team Ecospace makes available to companies and partners a complete service distinguished by reliability and readiness. The partnership with leading European retailers, along with the ability to innovate, allows you to build automated parking futuristic.

Many years of experience in consulting, design, construction and maintenance of automatic parking systems offers the ability to customize the projects at low cost. The automatic parking for cars is the ideal solution for the optimization of space, such as being wasted to make parking maneuvers typical of traditional, all facilitated through car lifts, elevators and rotating platforms. The different types of automatic parking car, with the aid of management software, provide for the placement in certain spaces of cars on platforms motorized and translating. In this way, the car can be placed in a safe, parking in horizontal, vertical, rotating, hybrid and circular.

With this automated system the desperate search for parking maneuvers to be able to fit into tight spaces are a bad memory! How much time and patience is lost every day in a parking lot?
Contact Ecospace means to receive personalized assistance from the survey up to the implementation.
Often the car, especially during peak hours, it becomes a difficult task, for this Ecospace thought to automatic parking underground representing the solution easier to overcome the problem of lack of parking. The lack of space, the parking lots are always full of city centers, the need to respect certain working hours, require to find parking quickly, returning to a specific space: automatic parking systems are the ideal project to reclaim space, saving time!

In this vision come the forefront automatic multistorey parking: excellent management of cars on several floors, controlled by a sophisticated computer system, which can be operated and displayed by a display. Designed for large and medium-sized buildings, can also be used for a business of garage. Execution speed, ease of use of the systems, make it a revolutionary application for moving vehicle on a lift vertically, then horizontally, left or right.

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