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Waste collection basement

The implementation of new systems of waste collection has become a leading Ecospace, especially with regard to the waste collection in urban centers. New inventions proposed by the new collection systems to treat waste through the placement of bins in the basement.

The system also provides for the facing surface only of small containers. This way you can have more capacious bins with a small footprint, plus eliminating the unsightly bins. The system Ecorif is a waste collection system that also gives you the ability to move the bins and facts will emerge only by experts: they will have supplied a simple key or a remote control to operate the plant up and down. The innovative system of waste collection Ecorif conceived by Ecospace is useful for the collection of waste, and also allows you to coat the floor at will. This system allows you to create islands Ecospace ecologice buried saving space on the surface and improving the urban decor.

The ecological islands buried Ecorif are a great help to restore the city environment, and also have an impact hygienic environment far better, since the waste is stored underground. The creation of the drop-away reduces the decomposition process, and especially in summer prevents the spread of odors. The system created by Ecospace also allows to proceed more easily to the collection since the same island ecology will be possible to place bins to collect waste of a different nature. And since the problem of waste is one of the largest of today’s society, the system created by Ecospace aims optimization of containers, available in many sizes, and that thanks to Ecorif are easy to place in urban areas and centers city, without spoiling the environment and design.

The bins retractable system Ecorif should be placed under the road surface and carry out their normal function without difficulty. The drainage system is so simple that operators will not make any effort to run it! Next to them is also possible to place plants and green areas, without danger of preventing the operations of ecological operators. A new system that takes into account the prerogatives of a country and its structures, which adapts to the urban environment with ease and not disfigure landscapes or works of art!

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Waste collection

Waste collection

The islands waste collection are places equipped to properly dispose of waste and recover materials. Achieving the ecological islands bury...

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