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Ramp lifting car

Discover the operation of lifting ramp

Ecospace deals to build ramps to lift the car to facilitate parking especially in large cities, where too often it is necessary to park away from the place you are interested or you lose so much time to find a free place.

Thanks to montauto fact you can make the most of the available space and create places dedicated to the parking lot, both internal and external. This type of bridge car can be used for both buildings are public or private homes or condos as simple. When in fact you have the availability of only one parking space but the need to have two cars, you can study the mechanisms such as lifting platforms for cars to avoid that one of them remains open.
There are various systems to lift a car with the particular characteristics depending on the needs. The model Jupiter for example allows the lifting of the car overcoming the gap between the two floors for up to 6 meters and the top can be tiled with the material chosen by the customer and if the car is outdoor platform lifts are planned drains water. This system is equipped with an electro-hydraulic system to facilitate the descent and the ascent of the vehicle safely.

The model Cometa instead is ideal for those who have a place too small to do too many maneuvers, so the car is placed on a bridge lift car and is spun as needed through the slide rail. The platform can be activated manually or automatically and are usually made of steel and galvanized. The same function has the rotating platform Orbit model that allows a complete rotation of 360 °.

Another type is the model montauto Pluto whose characteristics are to meet family needs. It is ideal for two cars in which one ordered upstairs depends on that of the lower floor. Neptune model instead allows to maximize the volume available to occupy it with the parking lots, creating many places. In fact, through an elevator car is possible to build platforms for two or even four cars on three levels. Its operation takes place thanks to the columns fixed in the floor and of the lifting cylinders.

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Car lift

Car lift

Ecospace is a company specialized in the design and construction of special car lifting systems to create parking lots. That...

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