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Car lift

Discover the benefits of lifting cars signed Ecospace

Ecospace is specialized in the production of trucks car underground or elevated, which allow you to place and lift the car is so independent that employee.
Each lifting ramp for cars provided by Ecospace is built to the highest safety standards and with electrical components that comply fully with the regulations.
The system montauto Jupiter overcomes a height difference between two floors finished about six meters, with possibility to make intermediate stops between floors.

The lift platform Newton is designed to allow easy installation, ideal for small spaces. The great construction quality of the machinery allows a great resistance in time, even when subjected to considerable efforts.
The bridge Saturn car, thanks to the excellent load distribution on each pillar and a vertical scroll on four columns, proves an excellent solution for lifting goods and vehicles up to 14 feet tall.
The lifting system Sirius allows to operate also in presence of important differences in height between floors, with a useful thing between finite planes 300 centimeters, with a maximum load of 2,500 kg.

The plant Uranus was created to take full advantage of any kind of space, proving to be installed in complex situations. With a payload ranging from 500 to 2000 kilograms, the system has a useful stroke can reach 14 meters in height.
The model Venus is designed to lift cars in the presence of significant differences in height, with the possibility of intermediate stop for the plan. Has a stroke of 9 meters and a maximum range of 2,500 kilograms.
The bridge rises car Mars can be installed both outdoors and indoors, and is able to guarantee a payload for parking of 2,500 km and a stroke of 3 meters. The elevator car Neptune stands out as the ideal solution to increase the number of parking spaces at their disposal, allowing you to accommodate up to six cars thanks to the three-tier system with double platform.

These and other lifting platforms for cars are available on Ecospace, a company that is an important point of reference in its field.

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Car lift

Car lift

Ecospace is a company specialized in the design and construction of special car lifting systems to create parking lots. That...

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