Car Lifts

Ecospace custom car lifts

Car elevators are designed to move cars in apartment buildings, car showrooms, garages, homes and more.

They can be called in different ways:

  • Car lifts;
  • Car elevators;
  • Car mounts;
  • Car hoist;

Our car lifts provide compact, easy-to-use solutions for parking in the basement or on the roof of buildings in crowded cities and high-density spaces, where finding car parking is increasingly difficult.

Ecospace is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of customized car elevators.

Creating underground parking lots or multi-story elevated parking lots has enormous benefits for everyone. This is where Ecospace’s professionalism in creating car lifts comes in.

Ecospace is a company that was founded to create solutions as well as systems. Realizing that every customer has different needs, the Ecospace team has conceived and designed several car lift solutions. There are so many models, each with its own characteristics and special features.