SIRIO Car Lift

The Sirio car elevator, allows even considerable height differences between floors to be overcome.

The car lifting system consists of two hydraulic cylinders placed in the centerline at the long side of the platform (one on each side) for the up and down movement of cars.

The sliding guides are protected by a painted sheet metal casing. All load-bearing structures are made of painted (or hot-dip galvanized) S 275JR steel, while the floors are made of anti-slip almond plate.

The car elevator is arranged to connect gates and/or safeties placed both on the different levels and on the car lift floor.

It is possible to install tightly woven mesh perimeter guards (it is guaranteed that it is impossible to intrude any part of the human body – height.200 cm) on some sides of both the lift and the technical compartment.

The car elevator can be supplied in the “MAN ON BOARD” version with CE certification issued by Primary Certifying Body.


The car elevator is tested according to current regulations (Machinery Directive). Operation of the car lift system is done exclusively by operating the button after inserting the key (“man-present and responsible” handling). The control device is installed outside the range of the auto lift. Parachute block valves and pressure relief valves on hydraulic cylinders are provided.

The electrical panel can be arranged for the connection of electric floor locks and/or safeties in order to make the movement of the car elevator more protected. Power indicator lights are provided on the control panel, and flashing floor lights are installed to signal the movement of the system. Electrical systems made according to the current standard. Control panel set up for “man-present and responsible” movement, activated by low voltage (24 volts), controlled by key switch with red light and emergency stop. General management framework of electrical components. Electric motor, applied on hydraulic unit, powered by three-phase current 380 volts (5.5 HP – 4 Kw). It is planned to run the system on single-phase 220V power. Adjustable electric limit switches at the floor. All electrical equipment has a degree of protection of not less than IP55.

Compartment size:540 x 260 cm.
Platform size:530 x 250 cm.
Technical pit depth:
Extra running columns:
30 cm.
Useful stroke (between finite planes):300 cm. – higher elevation differences upon request
Useful scope parking space:2500 kg.
Load-bearing structures and footing plates:Made of epoxy powder coated steel (standard colors like light gray RAL 9006 and dark gray RAL 7016).
Average speed:5 cm/sec.
Motor:5.5 Kw
Electric current:Three-phase Volts 380
Hydraulic power unit:40×60 H 100 cm. (inserted into adjacent compartment)
Electrical panel: 20×40 H 50 cm.
(arranged for safeties and latches)
Floor pushers: 10×10 H 20 cm.
(with removable key and emergency button)
Security:Emergency STOP button
Plant handling:With removable key and “man-present and responsible handling”
End of plan run:Electric adjustable floor level
Plant in motion:Flashing floor warning light
Full warranty: 2 years
Platform size:Customizable according to different needs.
Plant protection:Hot-dip galvanized load-bearing and metal structures
Closures and safeguards:Automatic floor gates
REI Doors
Infrared anti – intrusion barriers
Car centering photocells on the flatbed
Synoptic outline outline car
Anti-shear perimeter hose
Push-button panel with flashing light:Additional for each loading/unloading floor
Uninterruptible power supply:On demand in case of power failure


  • CE Certificate of Conformity;
  • CE identification plate with serial number;
  • Documentation of plant-related hazards;
  • Functional testing of the equipment;
  • Electrical and hydraulic diagram;
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual;
  • Plant insertion design with details to the technology network;

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