Parking Systems

Ecospace makes automated parking lots suitable for every need and available space

A car parking system is a complex electro-mechanical system that allows multiple cars to be parked in the minimum available space.

ECOSPACE automated parking lots allow cars to be moved, moved, rotated, and stacked autonomously, even without the presence of a driver.

Parking systems are also known by several other names:
– Robotic parking;
– Car parking systems;
– Automated parking lots;
– Mechanized parking;
– Vertical parking lots;

ECOSPACE mechanized parking lots are suitable for both public administrations and commercial establishments but also for private use.

Types of Parking Systems

Automated parking systems fall into two main categories: fully automated and semi-automated.

Fully automated parking systems, do not involve an attendant or driver, and the system’s electro-mechanical processes transport vehicles from the garage entrance to an available empty parking space.

Semi-automatic parking systems use electro-mechanical systems to move the car into its parking space, but an attendant or driver is required to engage the car and/or operate the system.

Advantages of Parking Systems

SPACE SAVING: Especially in the case of fully automatic parking systems where the attendant or driver does not have to park the car, each vehicle can be parked closer to each other in tight spaces.

SAVINGS IN COSTS AND CONSTRUCTION TIME: With normal garages, one has to take into account stairs, elevators, walkways, exit ways, ceiling height, all of which in the case of automated parking systems may not be necessary since there is no passage of people.

MORE SAFETY: With limited space and inaccessibility to car owners and other pedestrians, automated parking lots prevent vehicles from being damaged or personal belongings from being stolen.

EMISSION REDUCTION: In mechanized parking lots, vehicles are moved with the engine off, limiting emissions from searching for a parking space within the parking lot or maneuvering in tight parking lots.

MORE FRIENDLY FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES: one can exit the vehicle on the level without the need to negotiate slopes, descents or stairs. This is why parking systems could be extremely useful in such cases.