Parking Systems

Attention to detail and careful study of suitable materials characterize the rich assortment of automated parking systems: alongside vertical structure variants for medium-large buildings, and horizontal for medium-small buildings, there is a rotating, hybrid and circular version intended for buildings with a round floor plan.

Car Lifts

Ecospace is a company that was founded to create solutions as well as systems. Realizing that every customer has different needs, the Ecospace team has conceived and designed several car lift platform solutions. There are so many models, each with its own characteristics and special features.

Lifting Platforms

This category includes solutions such as car lift platforms, scissor lift platforms, and industrial hoists.

Unlike cranes, hoists for industrial use are characterized by high stability and low maintenance.

Goods Lift

Ecospace manufactures scissor lifts and mast lifts for capacities ranging from a minimum of 500 kg to a maximum of 150 tons.

Such freight lifts can be customized according to customer requirements, and the pushing system can be provided hydraulic or fully electric.

Waste Collection Islands

Waste collection islands are places equipped to properly dispose of waste and recover materials.

Making underground ecological islands using the company Ecospace’s new system allows for significant savings in surface space, as underground bins are placed to receive the waste placed from the space left to place it.

Hospitality Facilities

Ecospace’s ongoing research and development of new technologies has made it possible to devise hospitality facilities with a high level of automation in order to drastically reduce manual assembly work, consequently allowing the end user significant savings in personnel costs.