Vertical Parking System

The ECOSPACE vertical parking system allows cars to be parked fully automatically by taking advantage of vertical as well as horizontal space.

Our vertical parking lots (or tower parking lots) are equipped with a central lift that reaches all floors of the parking lot. Once the car reaches the floor, it is moved by means of special electric displacement units to adjacent cells. Cells can be placed to the right or left of the lifter or in front of/behind the lifter. The systems are equipped with remote control via SCADA interface and integrated video camera.

Maneuvering space is absent, and all available space is allocated to cells where cars will be parked, thus allowing for the best possible optimization of space.

Vertical car parking also increases security as there is no passing of people and thus no theft or damage to the car.

Vertical parking lots are used for towers used for parking (buildings with medium surfaces but high heights).

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