Waste Collection Islands

Waste collection solutions and systems.

Waste collection islands are places equipped to properly dispose of waste and recover materials.

Making underground ecological islands through the company Ecospace’s new system allows for significant savings in surface space, as underground bins are placed to receive the waste placed from the space left to place it.

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ECORIF, the underground system for waste collection.

Ecorif’s new garbage collection system makes it possible to tidy up the city environment without affecting street furniture, ensuring more environmental hygiene and fewer odors scattered in the air. Concealed bins that are part of the ecorif system also help to make proper separate collection of waste: in fact, the various pop-up bins can be placed next to each other, each for each type, giving the opportunity to place the appropriate waste in the appropriate space without the risk of it getting mixed up with others. Concealed waste islands also have the advantage of keeping waste safe from animal assault.

All operations with the Ecorif system take place above ground, including loading and unloading, without forcing operators to get down to the waste. Underground waste collection is a first, which Ecospace has created to optimize space especially in urban centers, where it is possible to install these bins and restore open places without the unsightly containers.

Available in a variety of sizes, Ecorif system waste collection bins are also an excellent remedy against vandalism and tampering by hooligans, since only operators are authorized to access them. In fact, operators operate the bins via a control, which allows them to rise to the surface for emptying operations. In addition, green areas, with plants and flowers, can coexist in the garbage collection islands, which do not prevent the operators from doing their work; on the contrary, they make the place harmonious and pleasant, and absolutely not disfigured by visible bins or dumpsters.

And very pleasingly, with the Ecorif system you can also choose what kind of flooring you want to place on the upper platform, and adapt it according to your taste. A true underground trash installed in a workmanlike manner, accommodating all the waste without leaving any odors and with the certainty that the waste will go to dumpsters underground. Environmental workers seem to like the new system, which allows them to work very discreetly without having any contact with the waste.