SATURNO CARGO freight elevator

The Saturno industrial freight elevator was born out of the need to have a vibration-free and self-supporting product so that it would not be constrained to existing building structures. An ingenious four-column vertical sliding system also based on composite materials has effectively replaced the old bearing systems, ensuring smooth movements and leaving the paint that protects surfaces from rust and oxidation untouched.

The key feature of the Saturno line is the revolutionary platform balancing system, which makes it possible to distribute loads equally on each supporting column, also achieving perfect coplanarity of the platform. This system allows an additional advantage in terms of the technical pit, which is limited to only 25cm. The industrial forklift is therefore the ideal means of lifting goods up to 14 meters in height.

The industrial freight elevator is optionally available with a passable cover cap (Saturno Cargo version) that closes off the ground floor access hole. In this case, the upper floor can be covered with a pavement of the customer’s choice (at the customer’s expense) to make the existing outdoor pavement uniform. Also in the case of systems installed outdoors and with a pit closure platform, there is a perimeter water collection channel (made of shaped metal profiles) to be placed on the upper edge of the hole. The runners can be embedded in the structure, effectively eliminating unsightly structures sticking out of the platform. The cap can be covered with various materials so as to make the existing pavement uniform. Capacities range from 1,000kg to 60,000kg.

Further customizations are possible upon request.

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