Automated Parking Russia

Nikolskaya automated vertical parking

Installed in Moscow 300 meters from RED PLACE, in the Nikolskaya area, the system is managed via a SCADA accessible both locally and remotely.

End users were also given the opportunity to book a car pickup and view the parking status by connecting, with smartphones, PCs and tablets, to a ‘special app (developed by Ecospace Ltd.).

Peculiarity of the parking lot, in addition to the innovative app, is definitely the automation of the entire facility, the result of cutting-edge technological analysis that combines research and commitment to environmental protection.

ECOSPACE vertical parking systems allow cars to be parked fully automatically by taking advantage of vertical as well as horizontal space.

Our vertical parking lots (or tower parking lots) are equipped with a central lift that reaches all floors of the parking lot. Once the car reaches the floor, it is moved by means of special electric displacement units to adjacent cells.