Parking multiplier Switzerland

Parking multiplier with independent vehicle removal in Switzerland

Ecospace has installed the new Neptune parking multiplier model in Switzerland. This facility uses the available volume to increase the number of parking spaces, which, depending on the version, can be up to 6.

Constructed according to the customer’s specific requirements, Neptune car lifts leave enough space to open the door to the compartment wall. An hydraulic block valve prevents unwanted lowering of plant platforms.

Ecospace designed, built and put in place the car hoist, also taking care of all engineering aspects.

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Neptune parking multipliers are an excellent solution for increasing the number of parking spaces by taking advantage of the available volume. These are mechanized parking models with independent vehicle removal. There are two-level models with single or double platforms for 2/4 cars and a three-level system with single or double platforms for 3/6 cars. Plants are built according to specific customer requirements.